how do i sync att email with android phone

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    A great feature that Android phones bring to the users is that you can keep up with multiple mail accounts using one device. Emails play an important role in the life of every individual. People of all age group today have an email id. It this email id that is used to all formal communication. If you look into the aspect of professional life, emails play a very huge role. Emails are considered the most formal medium of communication. In the generation that we are in, emails are as important as any of our other contact information. Today emails have can be considered as important as your mobile number. Email ids are now a part of your identity. Moreover, these days email service providers have put in so many features that it has totally enhanced the experience of using an email. There are several email service providers in the world. One of which is AT&T Mail. This is a mail service which is provided by AT&T Inc. which is an American Telecommunication company. This service has earned a lot of love and respect over the years because of the highly efficient services that it provides to the users. Being able to access your AT&T mail via your Android phone would be making a lot of things easier for the users. You can find out more about this service by connecting with the Contact ATT Technical Support where you would be provided professionals to clear any query that you would have. To understand how to sync AT&T email with Android phone you can follow the given steps : 1. Navigate to the setting of your phone 2. In setting, find the option of ‘Accounts’ 3. Under the option of accounts, you would find an option which says ‘Add Account’ 4. When you opt for this option you would be given several options to set up your account. Some options would be email, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and YouTube. 5. Select the option of adding an Email account. You would then be provided with another set of options like AOL, Yahoo, Windows Live Hotmail, and Gmail. 6. You would then have to choose the option which says ‘Other’. 7. Then look out for AT&T email option in the provided list 8. You would also be provided with an agreement option for your phone manufacturer or service provider. 9. Read the agreement and then opt to agree. 10. Fill your account credentials and then opt to log in to your account. 11. The next step would complete the syncing process. Following the above said steps would solve your concern of how to sync AT&T email with your android phone. If you come across any issue in this said process, feel free to connect with the Contact AT&T Customer Service Phone Number where you would get expert advice regarding this process. You can avail assistance from this service at any hour of the day and it is completely free of cost. Source URL : how do i sync att email with android phone