Hire Vmware NSX Engineer

  • Education and Certifications:
    To become a VMware NSX Engineer, it is preferred that you have a degree in computer science, Information Technology, or another related field and have earned one or more industry-standard certifications. Certifications that will make your application stand out include:

    VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

    • VCAP6-NV
    • VCDX-NV
    • VCP6-NV
    • VCAP6-DCV

    In addition to the certifications listed above, knowledge of VXLANs, vSAN, and other software-defined networking technologies will enhance your value as an IT professional and provide you with more career advancement opportunities in the future.

    VMware NSX Engineer Salary:
    According to indeed, the average salary for a VMware NSX Engineer ranges from $47,660 to $116,601 per year, depending on background and experience.

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