Industrial Application of Magnets

  • Magnets, we all know are an important part of musical instruments, toys and electronic devices which we use daily. This is quite a dynamic product which is available in numerous shapes and sizes and used for different purposes. Magnets are used not only for various household purposes, but they are widely used in different industries as well. Magnets find their use in different industries, serving several functions. There are several reliable magnet suppliers in South Africa, catering to the various needs of magnet users. (Information Credit –

    Magnets which are used in the industrial sector are completely different in comparison to the other magnets that you come across in your day-to-day life. These industrial magnets include rubber magnets, ferrite, magnetic sheeting, electromagnets, neodymium and permanent magnets. The industries in which these magnets are used, generally include shipping, mining, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, electronics and food.

    How Magnets are Used in Different Industries:
    1. Food industry: A magnet is undoubtedly the most vital tool in the food industry. It performs quite an important function. It is often used to protect food from any kind of contamination. When food products are transferred from one place to another, they might get contaminated with tiny iron particles, which is extremely harmful if not removed. To free the food of these impurities, magnetic tubes, drums and grids are used. Magnetic drums and grids help in removing the impurities from food. Magnetic tubes extract the iron particles when food products are passed through them. The same process is used to purify pharmaceutical products.

    2. Electronic Industry: Television is an integral part of the electronic industry. Without a magnet, a television will not function properly. The electromagnet is responsible for the deflection of the cathode rays to various edges of the television screen, which makes it possible for pictures to appear on the screen. When you dismantle a television set, you will see the electromagnet located at the very centre.

    3. Automotive Industry: An electric motor is the most important part of automobiles. Starting from basic car wipers, moving all the way up to home security systems, all are controlled by electric motors. These function in the manner they do, because of the presence of the magnet inside them. Magnets dictate the circular or linear motion of the motors. Ferrite magnets are generally employed for purposes like this, nowadays neodymium magnets are also becoming extremely popular.

    4. Manufacturing Industry: Magnets play a huge part in the production of glass and plastic. A variety of materials are employed in the process of glass production. However, for the product to be of good quality it is compulsory that the materials used for production are free of any kind of impurities. This is where magnets come into play. They are used to extract all the impurities from the materials.

    Thus magnets, apart from being a useful household material, also serve a variety of purposes in the industrial sector.