Spine Disorder Symptoms and Cure

  • Following are the symptoms of spinal disorder if the person feels any of the following he should immediately consult the spine specialist and go for spinal disorder treatment.

    • Persistent Pain: The person observes the pain in and around the spine.It can be either of the two i.e for longer or shorter duration.
    • Decreased stamina: The person feels he is not able to perform any activity for longer hours.He feels he is exhausted with in few hours. He also feels like resting for the whole day.
    • Pain while performing any physical activity: If the patient does or try to do any physical activity as per wish he or she is not able to do so as before.The person feels he is not flexible as he is unable to do body movements. It happens due to the constant pain in the spinal cord.
    • Discomfort while standing and walking: The person is not able to stand or walk for a longer duration. He is in such a state that he needs to take sitting breaks to stand or walk for desired time.
    • Pain in arms and legs:The pain from the spinal cord spreads out towards arms and legs too. The person feels pain while moving their arms or legs. It is also possible that he is feeling the pain while folding his arms and legs.
    • Restricted body movement and poor posture: The person is able to make limited movement in the body that too with lots of difficulty. It is also noticed that he or she is not able to stand and sit in the correct posture. This causes stress on the spinal cord also weakens the tissues on the lower back.
    • Continuous sensations in arms and legs:The person observes different sensations in arms and legs such as tingling, numbness, burning and itching.
    • • The person is unable to perform fine motor tasks which involve the small muscles of the body that help functioning activities as writing,shirt buttoning, clasping small objects.

    Spinal disorder treatment can be by the following ways:

    • Back bracing:Back braces provide firm support to restrict the movement from the fractured vertebrae.It helps in relieving the pain.It should only be used after consulting the doctor.If it is used for a longer period of time,it can also weaken the back muscles.
    • Injections: Injections like corticosteroids, nerve blocks helps in relieving the pain of the patient.
    • Medicines: Medicines such as pain relievers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories helps in controlling the sudden occurring pain and relaxes the person.
    • Physiotherapy and stretching activities:Doctors also try to recover the person by giving few therapy sessions which help strengthening and stretching the back and abdominal muscles.
    • Operations & Surgeries: If the person is not getting relief from the conservative methods to treat back pain,spine specialist then have to perform surgeries to replace discs, connect the vertebrae, open up the spinal canal, or repair nerves. It is done on the basis of the cause if pain in the patients body.It is usually the last option for spinal disorder treatment.
    • Hot and cold therapy sessions help in relieving the pain arising from the injury.