Krave Kratom Gold Overview


    Before we jump into what Krave Kratom Gold is, let us give you a short recap on what Kratom is and how it is prepared. Kratom comes from the tropical forests of South East Asia and Africa. The plants on which it grows are scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom. The leaves from which the kratom products are prepared has three major vein colors – red, green and white. Based on these vein colors and the location of the plants from which leaves are taken to make these products we have several more kratom variants or strains.

    For example, kratom is prepared from the white-veined leaves of the plants growing in Thailand are White Thai. Again, green-veined kratom from the leaves of plants of Malaysian jungles gives you Green Malay kratom.

    Creating Krave Kratom Products from These Leaves

    Now, coming to how Krave Botanicals prepare their products; a group of kratom-educated people handpicks the leaves ensuring that there is no other strain mixed in. The leaves are again checked for bad leaves or stems, then they are forwarded to the cleaning chamber where they are organically washed with lukewarm water to remove dirt.

    Then, the leaves are placed properly on large trays and put into industrial Dehydrators to make them crisp and dry. Once ready, they are put into a grinder and powdered. To make sure it is smooth, it is sieved thoroughly for a couple of times, then either it is packed in pouches or encapsulated to make kratom capsules.

    Krave Kratom Gold

    Unlike other strains, Gold is not exactly a vein color, but it is distinguished as an amazing strain. Every vendor has his own secret recipe of Gold kratom while some use a different dehydration method, Krave Botanicals have come up with a special blend formula that combines not only one but five different variants that will impress you right away. Each of these strains got a unique combination of biochemical properties which make Krave Kratom Gold even more special. It is smooth, relaxing yet fun. Within a very short time-span, it has successfully created a large section of fans for itself. No doubt, they are not disclosing the strain names. The manufacturer has combined them in a specific ratio to bring out every strain’s quality without overlapping that of the others.


    If you haven’t tried it yet, then you must do so as soon as you finish reading this post. You can get 30 capsules of it for only $15.99, 75 capsules for $29.99, 150 capsules for $49.99, 300 pills for $69.99 and 500 for $99.99.

    If you are someone who still prefers the powder form, then you got multiple quantity choice there as well. It comes in 60 grams, 120 grams, and 250 grams pack for $24.99, $39.99 and $69.99 only.


    Try Krave Kratom Gold Sample First

    One thing is great about the vendor is that it offers sample packs consisting of 10 capsules each containing 500 mg of Gold kratom for only $4.95. It is a perfect way not only to test the vendor, but also the product without wasting a huge sum of money. Not to miss, if you like it, then you can purchase in bulk. So, get your wallet out and order for Krave Kratom Gold now.

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    Krave Kratom Samples