Pros and  Cons of Kratom Powder


    Before we talk about the good and bad things of kratom powder, answer one question “How will you decide if the kratom powder is good (pure)?” To explain it, you need to know how it is prepared and what may make it a bad or impure one.

    Making of Kratom Powder

    In short, kratom powder is the powdered form of dried kratom leaves, but it involves some critical steps that requires experts’ supervision. These steps include:

    • Picking tender yet mature leaves only.
    • Removal of dirt dried leaves and stems from the leaves.
    • Cleaning and treating the leaves organically.
    • Dehydrating them cautiously.
    • Sieving the powder thoroughly.

    Finally, the pure kratom powder is sealed in packs and despatched for you.

    How Can Kratom Powder Be Impure?

    There could be many ways how it can be impure:

    • When the leaves used for making the powder are of bad quality.
    • When the leaves are not properly sorted – there is dirt or stem present in it.
    • When the leaves are washed or treated with chemicals, colors or scents.
    • When some dishonest people mix inferior quality of herbal powder into kratom powder to increase the volume. It happens in the case of local kratom sellers or intermediaries between the vendors and manufacturers.

    If you manage to get the pure kratom powder, then you ought to enjoy it for sure.

    Pros and Cons of Kratom Powder

    Before you jump onto ordering kratom powder for yourself, we would like to share a crisp comparison of its pros and cons. Let’s get started now:


    1. It extends the shelf life of the kratom leaves.
    2. It is convenient and handy.
    3. It is not time-consuming.
    4. It is easy to transport.
    5. Ideal for new kratom lovers.


    1. It is less convenient than the latest kratom forms like capsules.
    2. Capsules or extracts works faster than kratom powder.

    However, in overall, kratom powder is the base of other new kratom product forms. If you are new to kratom, then you would love it.

    Where to Get 100% Pure Kratom Powder?

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