RCPro Turned Investor’s Hope of Making Profits into Heavy Losse

  • Despite all the forex scams being exposed on media everyday, many investors still dive into the forex market with the hope of profiting; yet blinded by temporary gains they may unconsciously fall into traps. Recently, an Arabic investor filed a complaint against RCPro and told WikiFX how this illegal broker swindled his deposits.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit WikiFX news official website.

      I‘m a member of the working class and work hard everyday for the petty salary. As I’m getting old, I got this idea to make a good fortune and then quit the job. I learned about RCPro and got involved by chance, but the incident eventually led to a trap.  

     A month ago, I started browsing websites about personal finance and investment and left my personal contact in order to get more information. And soon I got a call from someone who claimed to be an agent of RCPro. He introduced me the highlights of investing at their company and promised I would make much money if I signed up. Though not very interested at first, I was persuaded after talking to him over the phone and decided to try my luck by depositing some money.  

     Much to my delight, profits flowed into my trading account everyday and it wasn‘t long before my balance multiplied by dozens to US$50,000. But when I was ready to pocket the gains by withdrawing part of my balance, my withdrawal application was rejected by the broker. I tried again and again, but all my attempts failed and my account was later suspended. Feeling anxious and desperate, I kept on calling the agent and the broker’s customer service, but my calls never went through; neither were my email inquiries answered by the broker, and up till now RCPro remains out of reach.  

     Per investigation, WikiFX found that RCPro has been in business for less than a year and uses white-label MT4/MT5 trading software, bearing substantial risks. WikiFX reminds investors that before choosing a broker, you can use WikiFX App to check its regulatory information, as well as whether it has been exposed or complained before.  

     As many scam brokers are especially active before the Lunar New Year, investors also need to stay wary when investing and be careful about revealing your personal information. Dont trust brokers that claim you can make a fortune overnight, lest your hope of profiting turns into heavy losses.