How to Change AOL Mail Login Screen Name?

  • AOL provides a user name to every user for unique identification which allows every user to access all AOL services individually. When user sign up for a new AOL Mail, AOL ask to create a username if user create AOL provide that user name or if user not provide a username AOL consider your email as a username or keep your first part of the email address as a username.

    AOL allows creating 7 different usernames for a single AOL account. However, it depends on the plan which you have selected. So, If you want to add or change AOL Mail Login Screen Name, read the steps given below:

    Steps to add or change AOL Mail Login Screen Name

    1. Start your Web browser in your computer and visit AOL Sign In page.
    2. Enter your username/email and password in the given field to login into your AOL Mail. If you face problem to sign in AOL account click here and read fixing steps.
    3. Once you login in your AOL account, go to the top right corner in your web page, you will see there is a dropdown menu just above your mailbox.
    4. Click on the drop-down menu and choose Mail settings.
    5. Next, choose to compose option located in the left-hand side panel.
    6. Now, scroll down and go to the Display Name option.
    7. You found a text block for the Display Name option, Enter your specific name and click on save button.

    If in case, you face any problem while changing your AOL screen name and you unable to find or change it. Contact AOL Customer Service Number 1-855-599-8359 and resolve your problems related to AOL Mail.