MapleStory Returning Player : Heal Cooldown

  • I played Maple Story years ago and now I just started to play it again. I saw that SO MANY things have changed.. I'm a bit lost haha

    One thing that I saw is the cooldown of the Heal skill for the magician. Why the F*CK do they did that???

    I mean, I remember years ago, I could be on a platform full of monsters and just healing myself over and over and I would never die. Now, with this stupid cooldown delay, we can't just keep it healing non-stop. So the problem is that during the cooldown delay that I can't heal myself, monsters touch me and I die!!

    Seriously, am I the only one who think this is Cheap MapleStory Mesos? Now I have to use full of potions if I want to stay alive at higher level monsters since I can't just keep my heal button down and heal myself continuously.

    You're supposed to use your Magic Guard skill to prevent touch damage from killing you so fast.

    And use a Jr. Boogie familiar for your MP, because they also did away with explorer magicians' MP recovery (that was much longer ago, though).

    Also try to stand away from the monsters, even though Cleric/Priest/Bishop ranged skills suck and their main mobbing skills (Shining Ray and Big Bang) are intended to hit a small area around them.

    Clock Tower Lower Floor is good. Death Teddies, like in the good old days. Or any of the other monsters there to Buy MapleStory Mesos, I think they're all weak to Holy element (but check the up-to-date Hidden-Street to be sure).


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