Waiting Queue

  • So I don't know about the rest of you people but I think there should be Cheap Blade And Soul Gold a seniority concept even to the premium memberships for login queues. I mean the ones that purchased a Master Founders pack the moment it became available in hopes to further hasten the process of building up NA servers were the ones that REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME. I did the same, and I was a part of the Alpha and Beta Testing. I love this game, day in and day out. Honestly, it keeps me sane. So when I have to wait to play a game that I really want to but all these free players that (even when I offered and have many beta keys) just waited saying "oh I'm just going to wait until comes out, I ain't going to pay for some game" are filling up the servers, it kind of makes me irritated..

    Even now, as I type this topic from 11:40 pm, I don't know if it's the newly implemented AFK Auto-Kick but my client just closed on its own while I was WAITING IN LINE... I'm premium. I support this game as it is one of my only hobbies apart from reading mangas and watching anime and sleeping. I work just to support my hobbies,, always have and always will. But I really believe there should be a seniority system even among premium users. What about all our devotion and support that these other people never had or gave? Like, I want to play. And I can't. And if I switch characters, I have to wait again..

    Also, I understand why but I feel that the caps should have stayed in place while the new servers are being created. I wanted to play in Mushin, I really did. But when we first released for the Beta from the Alpha, OMG the waiting was ridiculous. And I remembered that, so during Name Reservation I picked Poharan as my new home. I love her btw (I've never seen her cutscenes or even done the dungeon but I gots her posterd, mousepad, & wall scrolls all over my room), but I believed her to be pretty popular. My belief was right when Poharan Server became Mushin Server #2... 11:51 pm and my estimated time from 10 minutes went UP to 12... >>

    Anyways I think they should implement a seniority system for those of us who have been here the whole time. It shouldn't be hard for them to look up whose accounts have been active and in use during those times right? Like a log or something considering that some information on the servers were not deleted during the wipe? Don't get me wrong though, even if they don't do this I will still be here even until nitty gritty end comes to pass. I always have and always will love and support Buy Blade And Soul Gold Blade & Soul. But there has to be people out there that feel the same as I do. I didn't hop on the hype train to play this game. I found it on the internet 3-4 years ago when I was looking for a new game to dedicate myself to. I didn't want to WoW like the rest of my friends and I was growing tired of DotA. Game consoles were nice but they lacked community. I just feel that we, the ones who waited, deserve a little something more (idk maybe I'm being just a selfish brat??).