Child Support-All you need to know

  • Child support comes under family law and public policy. It is an ongoing process that requires the parent of the child to pay periodic payment to the caretaker of the child or the legal guardian for the financial benefit of the child lead by the termination of the marriage of the parents or in some cases for a relationship which never existed.

    To receive child support few things are required:

    • The person or parent who has court-ordered custody.
    • The minor child lives in the person’s household with them.
    • The child is financially dependent on that person for its basic needs.
    • When one or both of the parents are absent from the home and have neglected the child.
    • A court has ordered a child’s parent to pay child support.

    Who is obligatory to pay for child support?
    The obligator pays the child maintenance to the obligee for the care and support of the child. Here, the obligator is the non-custodian parent and the obligee is the custodial parent, caregiver, guardian or the state. It all depends on the jurisdiction as in some cases the custodial parent may pay the non-custodial parent for child support.

    In case both the parents have custody of the child?
    Child support which the parent gives is not based on the gender of the parent. For instance, a mother has to pay for support to a father just as a father must pay a mother. In addition to this, there are cases where both the parents have custody of the child and there is no non-custodian parent so the one parent who has a higher income may be required to pay the child support to the parent who has a lower income.

    Why does child support matter?
    Child support adds a significant difference to the child’s life that has already gone through a very rough patch of its life because of its parent’s separation or incompetence to physically take care of him/her.

    As it supports the upbringing of the child- Raising a child is impenetrable whether parents are still together or are living apart. Child support ensures that the child’s basic needs like education, food, and shelter are catered even when its parents are apart.

    Prevent future issues-It protects the parent from future problems related to their child’s necessary requirements and hence saves them from the trip to court.