Wide Temperature Use of Green Dot Laser Alignment

  • Not the same as a very simple sticker, laser pointer or your own finger, green dot laser alignment is always bringing users much more accurate and precise dot aligning result in distance. At the same time, green laser dot cannot only workable for very longer distance out of your hand reaching, but also getting special applications in those of harsh working environments as well. Green laser alignment is very easy and convenient to use, only after its connection with DC input power supply, it begins to generate rapid and clearly visible green laser dot efficiently.

    green dot laser alignment
    The dot measuring with green dot laser alignment is workable within wide range environmental temperature. According to its durable structure of anodize aluminum alloy housing and copper raw material as its laser diode core part, green laser module is workable with superior thermal emitting and keeping super stable green laser dot targeting in all harsh occasion efficiently. This high brightness green laser alignment tool can be easily installed on any industrial machine or device, easily getting clear dot instruction on all targeting surface precisely and accurately.
    Technical dataļ¼š
    Item: Berlinlasers green dot laser alignment
    Wavelength: 532nm
    Output power: 5mW-100mW
    Laser lens: glass cylindrical lens
    Power source: 3V, 4.2V DC power source
    Application: military targeting, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, button positioning on garments