Excellent Glass Lens made Berlinlasers Green Laser Line Generat

  • There are always a lot of working places where users are in need of the highest level of accuracy line alignment on targeting surfaces, while nothing would be much better than green laser line generator. When this line laser alignment tool is manufactured with qualified glass cylindrical lens, it cannot only get high laser beam transmittance and high linear quality laser beam emission, but also enables the clearest line aligning with various line length and line thickness performance efficiently. Within quite wide range glass lens degree, this line laser alignment fulfills the clearest line positioning in all precise device manufacturing and machinery processing works wonderfully.
    This green laser line generator can be manufactured from direct laser beam emission from 515nm green laser diode, supporting even longer term line alignment, while still making sure of its beam stability as expected. The real line alignment is also paying full attention to thermal emitting performance and continuous green laser line projecting, thus getting the most satisfied line alignment in all industrial work fields clearly and accurately.
    Technical data:
    Item: Berlinlasers green laser line generator
    Wavelength: 515nm
    Output power: 5mW-50mW
    Laser lens: 10-110 degree glass cylindrical lens
    Power source: 3V, 8.4V DC input power supply
    Warranty period: 180 days
    Serving lifetime: 8000 hours