Easy Measurement of Berlinlasers 520nm Green Line Laser Module

  • When you are looking for a super accurate and precise accessory line instruction, it is just the best choice for users to have a try of 520nm green line laser module. It is not a very simple dot projecting tool such as a green laser pointer, while under condition that it is equipped with quality glass lens, this green laser module just generates super fine and straight green laser line on targeting surfaces. It is getting precise line alignment for laser cutting, textile garment processing, image processing system and military targeting works etc.
    Berlinlasers 520nm green line laser module is getting direct laser line projecting from internal 520nm green laser diode. Although it gets forest green color laser beam, not as bright as 532nm green DPSS laser device, however, it is still fulfilling clearest green reference line positioning under high lighting and long distance line alignment work. This laser line generator should be properly installed and adjusted with direct line targeting direction, it just gets the most wonderful line alignment precisely and accurately.
    Technical data:
    Item: Berlinlasers 520nm green line laser module
    Output power: 5mW-50mW
    Laser lens: 10-110 degree glass cylindrical lens, separate crystal lens
    Power source: 3V, 8.4V DC input power supply
    Warranty period: 180 days
    Serving lifetime: 8000 hours

    520nm green line laser module