Mechanical Processing with Forest Green Line Laser Alignment

  • Only if forest green line laser alignment is getting special equipment of external DC input power supply and cooling system, it is just efficient enough to keep continuous green reference line targeting in all kinds of mechanical processing works effectively. The internal optic lens is manufactured with qualified glass coated lens, within 10 to 110 degree lens degree, green alignment laser line is available with maximum line length of 6 meters, while still keeping super high linear quality and fineness.
    This green line laser alignment is very easy to carry, operate and adjust. The practical line instruction only needs users to choose correct output power and laser lens degree. The noncontact green laser line always leaves no track on all raw material surfaces. Only according to correct selection of output power and laser lens degree, this focusable beam made green laser module can easily achieve high precision line instruction precisely.
    Item: Berlinlasers green line laser alignment
    Wavelength: 532nm
    Output power: 5mW-50mW
    Optic lens: 10-110 degree glass coated lens
    Power source: 3V, 4.2V DC input power supply
    Line length: 0.5 meter to 6 meters
    Warranty period: 180 days
    Serving lifetime: 8000 hours