Berlinlasers Green Dot Laser Alignment with Easy Mounting

  • How do you like to do to make super convenient dot measuring result in distance? It would be a quite easy work for users with the assistance of a Berlinlasers green dot laser alignment. It is keeping extremely bright laser light emission from 532nm green DPSS laser part, owing to its quite charming and attractive laser light emission to human eyes, this green laser module is just able to assure quite small size green reference dot targeting in distance. Only according to proper selection of output power and easy adjustment of laser beam focus, green laser module gets no mistake dot targeting effectively.

    The real experience of green dot laser alignment is not the same as a manual dot tool or laser pointer being used for temporary presentation. Owing to its super low laser beam divergence of less than 1mard and continuous electric power source from DC input power supply, this green laser module keeps the most precise dot targeting all the time. Noncontact green laser dot leaves no tracking on raw material surface, which is providing professional dot aligning for laser marking, laser engraving , military targeting and drilling system etc.