Meezaan on being called love child of Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer

  • Latest Bollywood News The son of actor Javed Jafri, who is going to debut with the film Malal, is in the news headlong these days. This headline is not about the film but its affair. Often the news goes that there is a strong influence between Meijan and Amitabh Bachchan's new novel Nanda. However, New has kept silence on this matter so far. But the people have often been heard listening on this. Recently, the Major has disclosed a great deal. Megan made a big disclosure about his relationship with Zoom TV on a new chat show. It is being told that during a game show from Mizan when Malal was asked who would he want a grocery? Who would you like to marry? And who would you like to hookup with? With this option, the new Nandi Nanda, Sarah Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey were kept in the option. Malal said in a fun way that he would like to marry with the new, kill Hookup and Ananya with Sarah.