Priyanka Chopra Gives Benefits to Her Female Employees on Her B

  • Recently, Priyanka celebrated her 36th birthday. On her birthday, Latest Bollywood News is that Priyanka Chopra has given a very special gift to women working in her production house. According to bollywood updates, Keeping in mind the comfort women of her company, Priyanka has made special facilities for them. These facilities include exemptions for working hours of maternity leave, maternity leave, crush courses for children after pregnancy and financial help. As per bollywood News, now everyone has come to understand that Priyanka Chopra is not only a great actress but also a great boss.

    According to bollywood News, Priyanka Chopra's mother, Madhu Chopra, confirmed this news too. She said, "We have taken care of 80% female staff, who are married. She said and give bollywood updates that it is Priyanka's idea of ​​exemption in the time of work for the mother. She also said that Priyanka Chopra wanted to create an environment where women could feel safe and love. Now this thinking of Priyanka Chopra can be saluted. In a country like India where it is not less than a great challenge for women to work, Priyanka's initiative is worth the praise.