Long Term Measured Berlinlasers Green Dot Laser Alignment

  • How would you like to do to make sure of accurate enough dot targeting in long term use? If there is the chance to make dot targeting with a Berlinlasers green dot laser alignment, it is just generating quite visible and bright green reference dot targeting in distance. Owing to special adjustment of laser beam focus and proper adjustment of green dot targeting direction, a correct output power made green laser module would make the easiest and the clearest dot instruction for all industrial and high tech work fields effectively.

    This green dot laser alignment employs 532nm green DPSS laser tech, on basis of quite low laser beam divergence of less than 1mard and low laser beam divergence, it is easily obtaining the smallest size green reference dot targeting in distance. This green laser module gets the most easily absorbed laser light to human eyes, unless its operation under sunlight, it will easily get high accuracy dot instruction for laser marking machine, military targeting, laser engraving machine, drilling system etc.