Different Fan Angles 50mW Green Line Laser Module

  • Not simply relying on formal line drawing device, such as a simple square meter, blocking board or triangular meter, in order to reduce relying on professional skills and manual labor force input, it would be much efficient solution to make use of a 50mW green line laser module. It projects easily absorbed and highly bright green laser light from 532nm green DPSS laser system. Owing to its low laser beam divergence of less than 1mrad and quite special laser beam mode of TEM00, after basic use of inner thermal emitting system, this laser line generator achieves superior nice thermal emitting and highly fine green line projection in distance.
    Being used as an accessory part, 50mW green line laser module is adopting 26mm diameter tube. It makes quite easy installation and adjustment of laser beam focus and laser line targeting direction, it makes quite satisfied line generation for both great distance and high lighting occasions. Whenever green laser alignment tool gets correct selection of optic lens degree from 10 to 110 degree, either it is selecting glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, it keeps work with high linear quality and high accuracy line projection for all industrial line aligning work fields effectively.
    Technical data:
    Item: Berlinlasers 50mW green line laser module
    Wavelength: 532nm
    Laser class: IIIb
    Optic lens: 10-110 degree glass coated lens, separate crystal lens
    Adjustable focus: yes
    Applications: laser cutting machine, sand milling, wood, stone, metal processing etc