Noncontact Beam 80mW Green Laser Diode Module

  • In order to get highly clear and accurate dot alignment at great distance, it is a quite popular solution for users to seek help from 80mW green laser diode module. It is not only projecting highly visible green laser beam at several mile far away, but also generating highly clear green laser dot projection at great distance. It accepts wide range electric current within 100V to 240V, after efficient converting into 12V DC power supply, it keeps work with continuous green laser dot projection nd good beam stability under overheating and over current etc.
    This 80mW green laser diode module enables quite easy use after operation as an accessory part. It enables quite convenient installation and adjustment of both laser beam focus and dot targeting direction. Noncontact green laser dot is easy to reach any vertical or horizontal surface. When it is installed onto industrial machine or device, within maximum distance of 3 meters, it gets no track and high precision dot alignment at great distance and high lighting occasions effectively.
    Technical data:
    Item: Berlinlasers 80mW green laser diode module
    Wavelength: 532nm
    Laser class: IIIb
    Adjustable focus: yes
    Power supply: 12V 1000mA DC input power supply
    Applications: laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, drilling system, lab experiment etc