Long Line of Berlinlasers Red Line Laser Module

  • If you are looking for a nice line alignment tool with super line line length in use, it will be a very nice experience for users to make use of Berlinlasers blue line laser module. It is employing 445nm blue laser diode as its laser beam emitting source, together with qualified glass coated lens, blue laser line is just clearly visible and fine, which is always able to make super quick and accurate line instruction on all targeting surfaces effectively.

    According to its easy selection of optic lens degree from 10 degree to 110 degree, red line laser module is obtaining different line length from 0.5 meter to 6 meters. It is also passing through a series of strict test, just easily obtaining high stability red reference line source generation in long term use. This small size red laser module can be easily installed on any other industrial machine or device, and then getting clear line instruction for laser cutting machine, sand mill, textile garment processing and military targeting work etc. This red laser module is a professional line alignment device, only if it is properly installed and adjusted, it is just making sure of high speed line instruction on any vertical and horizontal surface effectively.