RS Gold AZ Runescape One of A Kind 2 Curse of the Zaros

  • You should already have been played One of a kind in RS Gold , but have you ever imaged another quest of this? We suggest One of A Kind 2: The curse of Zaros. You need to complete Fate of the Gods, Hero's Welcome, One of a kind, and The Firemaker's Curse.

    Zaros intends to become an Elder God to restore the llujanka race and prevent the Great Revision, but in order to do so, the Dragonkin must first be dealt with. One of a Kind features members of both the Dragonkin and the llujanka, and now that we have confronted the Necrosyrtes in Hero's Welcome, the focus will return to the Dactyl as Kerapac continues his research into severing the curse of the Stone of Jas.

    After Fate of the Gods, the World Gate has opened, and with it, the path to laia now stands open. We chose Hannibus' Fate, and now it is time for us to see how his people are doing. By accessing laia, this could allow our choice at the end of One of a Kind to be explored through a common narrative. Even now, could the llujanka still be saved, or will their extinction come sooner than we expected?

    Char is willing to fulfill her lord's wish, and will remove the Dragonkin as on obstacle between Zaros and Elder Godhood. Will you help her exterminate the Dragonkin, or can Kerapac be trusted to end the curse through his own means?

    This Grandmaster quest will bring together disparate installments of the Dragonkin and Return of Zaros storylines, and after it, there may be additional content for those who have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Using the necklace and the notes obtained on Kethsi, you will grow one step closer to restoring the legendary hero, Robert the Strong. One of a Kind touched upon his past, and regardless of whether Char or the Dactyl rise triumphant through this quest, the door will be opened to Robert's future.

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