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  • She beat out one of the more recognizable faces fifa coins on the US team, Abby Wambatch. But the thing is, Wambatch is most likely nearing the end of her stint with the team. Additionally, she was used sparingly in the US team’s World Cup 2015 stint.

    However, Morgan is not the only female that will be getting the honor of being the first female player to be featured on the FIFA game covers. Morgan’s selection covers only the North American region so don’t be surprised to find a different pretty face for the FIFA 16 versions coming out in Canada.

    As far as the Canadian region is concerned, it would only be fitting to see a familiar face from the Canadian national team getting the nod. And that honor has been granted to Christine Sinclair, the all-time leading scorer for the said ballclub.

    “We know that in North America, in both the United States and Canada, women’s soccer is a very integral part of soccer culture and it’s also helping to grow the sport in North America. So we wanted to celebrate that by putting Alex on the cover” says David Pekush, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager for EA Sports.

    FIFA 16 is set to be released on September 22 which should now allow female gamers to use the different women’s national teams. Among the teams that they can choose include the United States, Canada, England and Germany.