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Is WoW Dead, and Is Shadowlands What It Needs to Revive It?

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    March 5, 2021 1:05 AM EST

    Is WoW Dead, and Is Shadowlands What It Needs to Revive It?


    The phrase "WoW is dead" is one that is thrown around a lot on the internet amongst its critics. This is partly because of the divisive nature of the game, whether its due to the content that it holds or what's to come, there is something seemingly for everybody to discuss when it comes to the popular MMORPG. The sheer length of time that it has been in existence also plays into this, as there will be players out there wondering whether it has maintained relevance after all this time, or whether it needs a shot in the arm in the form of a new expansion.To get more news about fast wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    The question of whether or not World of Warcraft is dead is a really difficult one to answer, particularly from an objective point of view. Statistics show that even today after nearly 16 years we are seeing several hundreds of thousands of players on the game right now, which hardly indicates a dead game. Not to mention that the MMORPG franchise is one of the highest grossing video games ever, and often finds itself at the top of the ratings when it comes to the player count for online RPG titles.

    Having said that, given the longevity of the game, are fans expecting to have seen more from the popular title? We saw the revitalization of WoW Classic being introduced, which delighted fans old and new with a look back at where everything began. But a lot more players are playing retail than Classic. Despite it being a while since the last raid was released, and it generally feeling less empty at times, there are several full servers in retail that show that there's a staggering amount of players still enjoying venturing out into the MMORPG.

    You can also look at the comparisons with Classic with streaming platforms such as Twitch. If you search for World of Warcraft on Twitch you will often find it in the top 10 list of games being viewed at that time, and rarely finds itself outside of the top 20 or so. As for the Classic comparison, you will also find that the majority of the top viewed streams are usually retail, with Classic only making up roughly a quarter of the top 30 streams in that category.

    No, this isn't comparing the two WoW offerings, and retail being more popular doesn't answer the question of whether or not its dead. But they are clear indications that the title is indeed alive and well, and can't really be constituted as dead. Even so, it still raises the question as to whether Shadowlands will provide a shot in the arm that many fans are looking for.